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Wow! Time flies!

So I haven't had time to really update lately. I guess I have, but I have either been busy or tired.

So I packed kind of at the last minute. Got about half of it done on Saturday. Finished most of it on Monday.

Yesterday was crazy. My mom worked a half a day so we didn't get on the road till like 1:30. We didn't get here till like 9:30. It was a long and tiring trip. Thought it would never end. Checked in the hotel, used the phone to try and call Octavio, and went straight to bed. Sleep didn't last to long. Finally just got up this morning about 6:30.

Started moving stuff in at about 8:30. Yeah, that was crazy. All I heard from Jeff was gripe about how much stuff I brought. Thank things got unloaded quickly.
AFter I got all moved in, I had to go and buy my books. That was interesting. I have like twelve or thirteen books for five classes. Hmmm.
Bought my books and went to caar so they can convert them into e-text. I have to figure out how to use that.
After I got done there, I had to go to Wallmart to buy a DSL cable. Seemed like it took forever.
We got back from there and they left.
Talked to Octavio for a while and that is about all. Watched tv.

things I have to get done:
1. mobility arrangements
2. Figure out e-text
3. unpack some stuff
4. odds and ins things

I am kind of nervous and uncomfortable just because I don't know where hardly anything is on campus. I did find the pop machine. Yay! And I didn't have to ask for directions. Kind of worried about mobility. Well, more than kind of. At least I do have the bus thingy. It's just betwene one of my classes I only have ten minutes and I do not have time to wait or ride the bus.

Well, should go now.

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