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general update

So haven't been home in a while.

Don't really remember when I last updated. The week at Octavio's was good. Was so nice to see him. Hard to leave.
Summer camp killed me. Glad it is over. I guess it was okay. Had to work with Pat Wright. That really sucked. I got sick on Wednesday. That wasn't fun at all.
The trip home yesterday was really long. On the way to St. Louis I sat by this guy who had really bad body odor. ON the way to Carbondale, I sat by this guy who wanted to talk the whole way. He was a truck driver. Interesting person.

Got home yesterday and went to my room and went to bed. Woke up at like 2:00 this morning and fell asleep sometime later.

Guess they are going to the beach later. Not sure if I am going. We'll see.

Write more later.

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