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And so

Haven't updated in a while. Probably time.
Left my house Tuesday. Was really scared because I didn't know how big St. Lois's bus thing was. Turns out it wasn't that bad. Got there fine and found somewhere to sit on my own. Turns out I sat farely close to the bus I needed to get on. Did something right for once.

Suhling came and picked me up at the bus station in Springfield. Felt kind of okward at first. Guess it was okay.

Wednesday was the parent infat. The college kids were really nice.
Guess the rest of the week went okay. It was nice to have to stay up for full days and not sleep most of them. Got to see Octagvio more than I thought I would get to see him during the thing.
Saturday was pretty long. Lots of waiting and traveling. Actually, the waiting wasn't that bad. We got to his house pretty late.

So far, everything has been fine. Actually getting enough sleep.

Guess I'lll write more later.

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