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my struggle for Control
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Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
12:52 pm
Please help.
This was brought to my attention in sociology class. Please help this man. Read up on this case. Do you think it is fair? I really hope something can be done to help him. Please do whatever you can to help. Here is the website. www.troyanthonydavis.org Don't let this life be destroyed for no apparent reason.

Current Mood: frustrated
Saturday, September 6th, 2008
10:18 pm
So I have been really busy these last few days. I feel so swamped with homework it is not even funny. I really need to take notes and get caught up. I usually don't take notes on everything, but all my books are in dazy format and they are not very convenient to go and look back at.

Had to go to the college and get stuff embossed. That was a good thing. I still didn't get everything embossed though because I couldn't figure out how to change the braille from grade 2 to grade 1. Anyone know?

Ricky's party was today. I slept through most of it though. I hate big crowds of people. I kind of felt bad, but it is over now and there isn't much that can be done about it.

Well, should go for now. Really tired and I have to write a paper for Monday for sociology.


Current Mood: tired
Monday, September 1st, 2008
11:40 am
So yeah. I am so glad that I didn't take 17 hours of classes. My class load now is proving to be a lot of work. I have so many notes that I have to catch up on because I just got my books on Friday. Kind of sucks. I am off school today and don't have it tomorrow eigher. That is kind of nice so I can actually catch up on everything.

Other than homework, things have been going okay. I still get really stressed out traveling from class to class, but I think it is mostly because of the large crowds. I get really nautious and start sweating really bad. Don't know. Hope it will get better.

Does anyone know how to use the victor reader at all? I have only used it a little and don't really know to much about it. Any help would be appreciated.

Going to go now. Back to homework. Fun fun!


Current Mood: tired,
Thursday, January 31st, 2008
12:54 pm

I was just curious to know if anyone knew where I could purchase a talking treadmill or descriptive exercise vidios.

Also, does anyone know anything about the computer game, Danger City?

Another thing, does anyone know any internet jobs that are accessible? If so, any recommendations?


Current Mood: curious
6:13 am
pointless update
So things have been going well. I haven't updated in a while. Things have been a little crazy.

Still don't have my loan. It should be on its way though. *sigh of relief* Then hopefully I can get my transcripts sent to the community college and then will be able to start school again. Yay.

Haven't been doing much around here. Haven't had the money lately, but soon.

Sick again. Third time in the last two months. Kind of sucks. Hopefully it will go away soon.

Guess I will write more later.

Current Mood: sick
Friday, January 18th, 2008
6:33 pm
bla, bla, bla
So today has been a long one and I feel so completely lazy. I haven't done anything and there really isn't really anything to do. Slept, ate, and watched tv. That's about it. I need fresh air, exercise, something to do!!!

Other than that, has been fine. Not much to say. Just really tired and feel really grumpy all of a sudden. So frustrated with the whole loan processing thing. Still haven't got my money. Grrr. Desperately need it. If not, my bill is going to be more and that is not what I need right now.

Don't even know what I am going to do this weekend. Not much probably. Make a trip to Wallmart to get pills and that is about it probably.

I think I am just rambling now. I'll go and probably sleep more.


Current Mood: tired, grumpy
Sunday, December 23rd, 2007
11:29 pm
updating, been so long
So things have been going fine for me lately. At least for the most part. Of course there will always be some problems.

So I finally finished my semester at niu. Thank god! That was a horrible semester and it was only my first one at college. Not going back there. Too many financial problems. Don't know what I am going to do next semester yet. Hopefully community college.

Actually the first year I won't be going home for Christmas. Staying at Octavio's. Train tickets are too expensive. Grr. Kind fo ready to go just so I can see my new neice.

Well, shoudl go now and help wrap presents. Write more later. Hopefully more often. Things have just been crazy.


Current Mood: here, satisfied
Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
2:26 pm
So yeah. How do I describe these last weeks?

Good, great! No words to describe it. I actually felt I don't know.

So I have been with Octavio for the past week and a half. It has been great. It has been nice to see him so much.

I am really tired and have no energy right now. Really don't know why. I hope he makes it home safe.

Current Mood: don't know
Monday, August 27th, 2007
8:19 am
Oh my god.
So yeah. Have to try and go to class soon. Kind of nervous. Hope I don't get lost.

These last couple of days have been okay. I feel a little better.
Not looking forward to this week at all. Except Friday. Can it hurry up and get here?

Should go now. Kind of a pointless entry I guess. Just trying to kill time before I have to leave.

Current Mood: really really nervous
Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
11:54 am
So last night was kind of...

So I left to get a chord with more plug ins. I got that and came back. It worked. Then I laid down and fell asleep.

So this girl named Joe showed me where I could get the chord. I thought she was okay at first. I guess she is, but there are things I wish... Don't know. She is so conceded. I guess she used to play with the Illinois goal ball team. Very conceded. Told me she could beat anyone at one-on-one and commented on how I played at Kintucky. She says we played her, but I don't think we did. At least I don't remember it. Maybe I have a short memory. Don't know.
After I got done getting the chord, I just came back and laid down. Fell asleep and woke up to it storming and a huge puddle of water in my floor. I guess the rain blew through my window screen. After that, I really couldn't go back to sleep.

I don't even know what time I got up this morning. Had to get up and go to the CAAR office and get some stuff. I get mobility today! Yay! Makes me happy. Supposed to meet him at 12:30. Hopefully the routes aren't that bad.

Have to go to some bash/welcome thing at 4:00. Should be back at 5:00 and I don't know what I am going to do. Unpack more maybe. Need to get that done soon. Don't like being unorganized even though I am the majority of the time.

Should go now.


Current Mood: lonely, hot
Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007
5:16 pm
Wow! Time flies!
So I haven't had time to really update lately. I guess I have, but I have either been busy or tired.

So I packed kind of at the last minute. Got about half of it done on Saturday. Finished most of it on Monday.

Yesterday was crazy. My mom worked a half a day so we didn't get on the road till like 1:30. We didn't get here till like 9:30. It was a long and tiring trip. Thought it would never end. Checked in the hotel, used the phone to try and call Octavio, and went straight to bed. Sleep didn't last to long. Finally just got up this morning about 6:30.

Started moving stuff in at about 8:30. Yeah, that was crazy. All I heard from Jeff was gripe about how much stuff I brought. Thank things got unloaded quickly.
AFter I got all moved in, I had to go and buy my books. That was interesting. I have like twelve or thirteen books for five classes. Hmmm.
Bought my books and went to caar so they can convert them into e-text. I have to figure out how to use that.
After I got done there, I had to go to Wallmart to buy a DSL cable. Seemed like it took forever.
We got back from there and they left.
Talked to Octavio for a while and that is about all. Watched tv.

things I have to get done:
1. mobility arrangements
2. Figure out e-text
3. unpack some stuff
4. odds and ins things

I am kind of nervous and uncomfortable just because I don't know where hardly anything is on campus. I did find the pop machine. Yay! And I didn't have to ask for directions. Kind of worried about mobility. Well, more than kind of. At least I do have the bus thingy. It's just betwene one of my classes I only have ten minutes and I do not have time to wait or ride the bus.

Well, should go now.


Current Mood: kind of alone
Friday, August 17th, 2007
9:32 pm
thoughts and prayers
I remember when Poppy got me in the lions Club when I was really young. It was really sad when he passed away.

Well, I guess Nanna is getting pretty bad. She started filling up with fluid. I guess her kidneys are only functioning 25 percent. I feel sorry for her.

She is not my grandma, but Austin and Aubrie's. I have always been close to her though.

Hope she gets better. If you are a prayerful person, keep he in your thoughts.
Sunday, August 12th, 2007
9:52 am
Yesterday wasn't bad. I was home alone pretty much all day yesterday.
Someone did call me again and informed me of something. Kind of pissed me off. Fixed it though. Apparently the excuse for doing it was to check up on me. Why would it matter how I am doing? Just curious.

Anyway, I went to my grandma's and visited for a while. Got back at like 8:40. Got on the internet for a while and then talked to Octavio.

I guess it was just one of those nights. Couldn't get comfortable, just kept thinking, wishing... Don't know. Finally went to sleep though. I miss him lots.

Today I am not doing much. Supposed to go to grandma's after she gets out of church and stay with her till she goes back to church. Should be home around 6:00.

Guess i should go now.

Current Mood: frustrated, wishing
Monday, July 23rd, 2007
12:19 am
Writer's Block: Bump In The Night
What are you afraid of?

Hmm. Where should I start. Well, not really a lot.

First, I really don't like storms. I don't know why. I have always been scared of them since I was little. I remember sitting on my grandma's lap and burrying my face into her shoulder. Kind of embarrassing.

Second, traveling and getting lost. I completely freak out and usually don't get anywhere. That is why I am so terrified of starting college. I'm sure I'll spend a lot of time practically in tears.

I don't even know why I am doing this. I guess because I don't want to go to sleep yet.

Current Mood: tired, anxious
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
7:26 pm
So I went and baby-sat for Garrett last night. It wasn't bad because he slept the whole time. Spent the night with Jessie and then came home this morning.

Didn't do much today. Kind of lazy. I have been tired. Have had a headache. It is finally starting to go away though.

I talked to Octavio. That was nice. Miss him lots.

So it looks like I am going to have to take more benidrill again. Don't want to because it makes me really sleepy but I am itching and the bumps on my head are coming back again. I wish I knew what they were. Hopefully I can stay awake.

So I found a new drink I like. The coolade singles and crystal light aren't too bad. My favorite so far is the cran-apple stuff. I will have to start drinking that stuff more often.

Well, should go now. I guess someone needs the phone.


Current Mood: itchy, hot
Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
7:00 pm
So yesterday was interesting. Kind of long. I did decide to go to the beach because Jessie went. We got there and it was closed. Then we tried to find another one, but they didn't want to go to that one and it was pooring down rain. So then we went back to the one we started at and it was open. Swam for just a little while. Too many things floating in the water for my liking.
After I got out, I just laid on the beach and put head phones on. Well, probably shouldn't have laid out there. Have a sun burn on my back and shoulders. And I actually used sun screen this time.
After we were finished swimming and whatever, we took Jessie home and then I came back to my mom's house and fell asleep. Didn't wake up till like 6:00 when Jessie called and said she was coming up to eat. We went to my Aunt Joe's. I didn't like the hamburger at all. It was seasoned funny and felt funny. Don't know.
Came back home and went back to sleep. Woke up at like 10:00, 2:00, and 4:00. Finally got up then.

So I have these huge bumps on my head and legs. Started getting them yesterday morning. Think they are hives. Don't know. They kind of hurt. The back of my head looks funny because you can actually see the bumps through my hair.

Don't know what I am going to do today. Hopefully get some walking in. We'll see. Supposed to storm all day so don't know.
Margaret is supposed to take me to the social security office. We'll see if that happens.
Need to take some books back to the library and get some more. Really want to go to my grandma's. Didn't get to go yesterday and she fixed chicken and dumplings. Darn. She said she saved some for me though.

Should go now.

Sunday, June 24th, 2007
8:20 am
general update
So haven't been home in a while.

Don't really remember when I last updated. The week at Octavio's was good. Was so nice to see him. Hard to leave.
Summer camp killed me. Glad it is over. I guess it was okay. Had to work with Pat Wright. That really sucked. I got sick on Wednesday. That wasn't fun at all.
The trip home yesterday was really long. On the way to St. Louis I sat by this guy who had really bad body odor. ON the way to Carbondale, I sat by this guy who wanted to talk the whole way. He was a truck driver. Interesting person.

Got home yesterday and went to my room and went to bed. Woke up at like 2:00 this morning and fell asleep sometime later.

Guess they are going to the beach later. Not sure if I am going. We'll see.

Write more later.


Current Mood: tired
Monday, June 11th, 2007
11:22 am
And so
Haven't updated in a while. Probably time.
Left my house Tuesday. Was really scared because I didn't know how big St. Lois's bus thing was. Turns out it wasn't that bad. Got there fine and found somewhere to sit on my own. Turns out I sat farely close to the bus I needed to get on. Did something right for once.

Suhling came and picked me up at the bus station in Springfield. Felt kind of okward at first. Guess it was okay.

Wednesday was the parent infat. The college kids were really nice.
Guess the rest of the week went okay. It was nice to have to stay up for full days and not sleep most of them. Got to see Octagvio more than I thought I would get to see him during the thing.
Saturday was pretty long. Lots of waiting and traveling. Actually, the waiting wasn't that bad. We got to his house pretty late.

So far, everything has been fine. Actually getting enough sleep.

Guess I'lll write more later.


Current Mood: thoughtful, tired
Thursday, May 31st, 2007
8:53 am
Yesterday was really long and it didn't help much that I didn't get hardly any sleep the night before.

I left about 8:30. We were supposed to be going to carbondale to take the kids to the doctor. Well, we did, but that wasn't the first thing we did. I sat with them in the van for at least 30 minutes. Was not fun at all. All they did was fight. She finally got back to the van and we went to pay some of her bills. After that, we went to Burger King because the kids were hungry. Then we finally took them to the doctor.
Poor Austin. Had to get a physical for school. Four shots. I swear, if there was a record for the loudest kid who screams, he would get it. Aubrie had to go get blood taken. Had to stick her twice because the first time she jumped and pulled the needle. She barely cried.
We didn't get finished with the appointment until like 2:00. We got there at 11:30. Let's just say I won't be going to kids' doctor's appointments for a while.
I got back home around 4:00. I was so glad. Laid down for a while. Well, at least until Garrett got here.
Jessie helped me change the password for my MSN. Yay.

After Jessie left, went to my room to read. At least that's what I intended. Fell asleep though.

Not really doing much today. HOme alone. Kind of nice. Need to do some laundry and finish my book. Guess I should call ISU again. I still don't know. If I don't know by next week, I have no choice but to go to Northern.

Should go now.
Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
5:22 am
Yesterday was so busy. I didn't get home till late and then all I wanted to do was sleep.

Got up pretty early and had to take a quick shower. Then left for the bank. Finally got finished with that about 10:45 Then I went to the library. Books! I'm excited. I haven't actually read a book since the beginning of May. Long time for me.
After I went to the library, I tried to get ahold of Margaret. Of course, she wasn't answering so I had to try and find someone to take me to the bus station. Wanted to go then because if I didn't the ticket would t would go up. Jeff had to take me. That was interesting. I had to try and give directions. I actually remembered pretty much where it was. Surprisingly.
We finally got back from that and I wanted to lay down for a while. I felt pretty sick because it was really hot. Laid down for about an hour. Left again about 3:00.
Went with my mom to go grocery shopping. Never again! Finally got finished with that and had to go to my Aunt's and visit with her till Jeff got off of work. I got to see Taylor. She is so cute.
I guess my aunt wants to have a graduation party for Whitney, Justin, and I. I really don't want to go. I really don't like Whit's friend's. They are pretty snaughty. And when her friends are around, she doesn't talk to me too much. Hopefully it doesn't last to long.

Today I am supposed to go to Carbondale with Margaret. We'll see if she shows up. Hopefully, because I don't want to sit around here all day. At least I can read if she doesn't pick me up.
I guess they are staying for supper tonight. She wants meShould probably go now. Write more later.


Current Mood: sleepy
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